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This was a request from a co-worker, who noticed all my little paper friends, but wondered why I hadn’t made one of Domo Kun. I came to my cubicle one day to find the template printed out on my desk. When I went over to see him, he also had made one himself, but just a simple rectangle shape. He gave me the harder template because he didn’t have the patience to make it himself.

The original post was found on DeviantArt by subatomicsushi.

Download: Tiny Domo Kun Template

Instructions: Tiny Domo Kun Picture Tutorial

1. Print. (One or two to a page).
2. Cut away all excess paper using a penknife. (Cut through the center of the black outside lines).
3. Fold every black line towards the white side of the paper, except the two indicated by the red arrows. Fold these towards the printed side.
4. Use small amounts of scotch tape or glue to hold each joint together. (I used tape).
5. Start with his left side, work left to right with the legs, and attach his right side.
6. Follow the instructions for folding the arms.
7. Swing the back shut and attach it.
8. Attach the arms to the gray areas on the body.


Happy Pi Day!

I hope everyone is having a lovely 3.14 so far! I wanted to share a very adorable, and educational paper toy that I found on Canon‘s papercraft website.  It’s called the Fractional Cake, and will probably be an afternoon project that I make today for Pi Day.

"Pi" Chart

A delicious-looking cake serves as an entertaining way to learn fractions. Pieces cut into various fractional sizes can be assembled with care to create '1' whole cake. Three fraction boards with different numbers and designs can be interchanged to illustrate the basic principles of fractions.

Source: Fractional Cake Template

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

This papercraft of Spongebob Squarepants is awesome!  It’s not too difficult to piece together, and it has lots of fun details.  For one, his mouth is movable, which is perfect for him.  If you’ve ever seen the cartoon, it’s obvious he is a talkative, somewhat annoying little creature with a very notable laugh.  This papercraft is perfect for emulating it.

Spongebob Squarepants

And my favorite part about this papercraft?  His pants come off!  So typical Spongebob, always running around Bikini Bottom without his pants…

Spongebob NoPants!

Equipped with tighty-whiteys and all.  🙂

Download: Spongebob Template


I read an article the other day about how National Geographic created a real-life version of the floating house from the Pixar movie, Up. If you click on the picture above, it will take you to more pictures of the house’s production.

Seeing this reminded me that my friend Dan had requested forever ago that I make Carl from Up for him. I had the template all ready to go. It was just waiting to be cut out and folded. Below is the finished product! ^__^

Download: Carl from Up Template


Also, check out this link to see a video of the real-life floating house! [via Gizmodo]

I know it isn’t Christmas…

But this cute duo is often mistaken as gnomes, so I like to keep them on my desk.  I love the one’s mustache and the younger elf’s bent hat!  The details make it so adorable.

Download: Christmas Elves/Gnomes Template

The Book Surgeon

I just wanted to share this article about an artist named Brian Dettmer, who uses knives, tweezers, and surgical tools to create artworks from out-of-date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books, or dictionaries. He does this one page at a time and nothing is relocated or implanted, just removed.

Check out this article to read more on his art and see more beautiful sculptures.

Brian Dettmer’s website

I ♥ Hobbes

My friend Swamp asked me to create a Hobbes papercraft, in lieu of a new tattoo I got on my arm of the stuffed animal.  I found this really adorable one, which is a custom template of an original paper toy called ROMMY.

Download: Hobbes Template


And if you wanted to see, here are some photos of my new Hobbes tattoo:

Close up