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This was a request from a co-worker, who noticed all my little paper friends, but wondered why I hadn’t made one of Domo Kun. I came to my cubicle one day to find the template printed out on my desk. When I went over to see him, he also had made one himself, but just a simple rectangle shape. He gave me the harder template because he didn’t have the patience to make it himself.

The original post was found on DeviantArt by subatomicsushi.

Download: Tiny Domo Kun Template

Instructions: Tiny Domo Kun Picture Tutorial

1. Print. (One or two to a page).
2. Cut away all excess paper using a penknife. (Cut through the center of the black outside lines).
3. Fold every black line towards the white side of the paper, except the two indicated by the red arrows. Fold these towards the printed side.
4. Use small amounts of scotch tape or glue to hold each joint together. (I used tape).
5. Start with his left side, work left to right with the legs, and attach his right side.
6. Follow the instructions for folding the arms.
7. Swing the back shut and attach it.
8. Attach the arms to the gray areas on the body.