Super Monkey Calendar!

I found this calendar on Canon’s Paper Craft website and immediately fell in love. It’s a lot of components, but the final product is amazing (especially if you use heavier stock paper).

Monkey head without the date... (Kinda creepy!)

Pieces that go inside the head to make the date

Finished product!

Download: Monkey Calendar Template


His name is Andrew

The cutest triceratops I’ve seen.  This papercraft is fun because it has more than just straight lines and cubes.  The different shapes make this a lot more interesting and more challenging.  Enjoy!

Download: Andrew Template

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

Here’s a cute little Valentine Messenger to make on this lovely day! ♥

Download: Valentine Messenger Template

Voltron – What Started It All

The first, and by far my favorite, paper craft I’ve done — Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Download: Voltron Template

The Beginning of a Budding Paper Engineer

Paper Steph surfing the web

If I had discovered paper crafts before/during college, I think I would have found a way to do this for a living (granted that, technically, I am being paid while creating majority of my crafts). My recent interest in this hobby first spawned when I was given a template of a 3D mini-Voltron. After seeing the finished product in all its adorableness, I couldn’t stop. Scouring the internet for more cute little paper figurines, I’ve now made a collection of easily over 25 characters littering my and my co-workers cubicle shelves.  I’m here now to share with you my newfound interest in paper engineering, so that you too may enjoy these fun little projects.

Download: Surfer Steph Template